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Huntington Academy of Dance

Huntington Academy of Dance


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Huntington Academy of Dance: Where Passion Meets Performance Huntington Academy of Dance (HAD) has been rockin’ the dance world in Orange County for over 45 years. Whether you’re looking to master Classical Ballet, spice it up with some Hip Hop, or groove with Lyrical Jazz, they’ve got it all. From tiny toddlers to graceful adults, they’ve got classes for everyone and every level.

Why Choose HAD?

Their squad is legit! Made up of professional dancers, uni educators, and some big names from Cecchetti USA. The best part? They’re not just there to teach; they’ve got a huge love for dance and an even bigger love for teaching it.

Got Ballet? HAD’s Got You Covered!

They’re all about that Cecchetti Method. It’s this cool curriculum that safely guides dancers from as young as 3, right up to those pro-level moves. Every year, these champs get evaluated by national ballet experts. And guess what? They keep smashing it with high scores! Their teachers? Certified and armed with some killer technical skills – both in dancing and teaching.

Alumni Making Waves!

For 45 years, HAD has been churning out some epic dancers. A bunch of them have twirled their way into top ballet companies like the American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet. Others have danced off to universities like UCLA and UCI on scholarships.

Ballet Etudes: Crafting the Next Big Stars

On top of all this awesomeness, HAD is also home to **Ballet Etudes**. It’s this fab non-profit youth ballet company all about nurturing young dancers. Through their outreach programs, they’re making sure the magic of ballet reaches everyone. Oh, and by the way, if you’re diggin’ the website, shoutout to! They designed and built this masterpiece and are thinking of showcasing it in their portfolio. Talk about skills! Catch ya on the dance floor!

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