Web Designer and Fly Fisherman – A 20+ Year Journey

Craig Valadez     September 14th, 2023
Blog - Craig Valadez: From Fly Fishing to Freelance Web Design – A 20+ Year Journey

In the vast digital wilderness of the internet, there’s a new blog making waves, and it’s got quite the fishy backstory. Meet Craig Valadez, founder, web designer and fly fisherman, and the mastermind behind struc1.com’s fresh blog. With over two decades of experience in the freelance website design and front-end development business, Craig is not just any tech wizard; he’s a wizard who knows how to reel in success with a splash of humor.

The Fly Fishing Entrepreneur

Blog - Craig Valadez: Fly Fishing to Freelance Web Design – A 20+ Year JourneyPicture this: a young Craig Valadez, armed with a fly rod and a pair of waders, casting lines into crystal-clear streams. Little did he know that these early fly-fishing escapades would serve as the perfect training ground for his future career. After all, both fly fishing and web design require patience, precision, and the ability to untangle the occasional mess.

But Craig wasn’t content with simply snagging trout; he wanted to dive into the digital stream. Thus, struc1.com was born, and Craig’s journey from fishing flies to designing sites began.

20+ Years of Reeling in Success

Now, you might be wondering, how does a guy go from wading in rivers to navigating the turbulent waters of the internet for over two decades? The answer lies in Craig’s unparalleled dedication, adaptability, and a dash of humor that keeps his clients coming back for more.

In the ever-changing world of web design, Craig’s ability to evolve is nothing short of legendary. He’s ridden the waves of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, navigating the rapids of trends and technologies with ease. Much like adapting to different fish species in various rivers, Craig has become a master of his craft, whether it’s crafting sleek e-commerce websites or creating interactive user experiences that leave clients hooked.

Blog - Interior of my camper vanAnd let’s not forget his sense of humor, which is as sharp as a fly hook. Craig believes that laughter is the best way to connect with clients, and he’s been known to throw in a clever quip or a witty pun during meetings just to keep things light. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with a web designer who can make you chuckle while also delivering top-notch results?

Struc1.com’s Fresh Blog: A New Chapter

Now, Craig is casting a wider net with his latest venture, the struc1.com blog. This platform is more than just a showcase of his design prowess; it’s a treasure trove of industry insights, tips, and, of course, a good dose of humor.

In his blog, Craig shares his experiences from the digital trenches, offering guidance to both budding web designers and business owners looking to make their mark online. His posts are not your typical dry technical tutorials; they’re filled with anecdotes from his fly-fishing days, relatable analogies, and clever wordplay that keeps readers entertained while learning.

Craig Valadez: A Catch Worth Celebrating

Blog - Craig Valadez: A Catch Worth CelebratingAs we celebrate 20+ years of Craig Valadez’s journey from a fly-fishing enthusiast to a web design maestro, it’s clear that his unique blend of dedication and humor sets him apart in the industry. Whether he’s helping clients hook their target audience or reeling in the latest web design trends, Craig’s ability to combine his passions for fishing and front-end development is nothing short of inspiring.

So, if you find yourself in need of a website that’s as visually appealing as a perfectly tied fly or a web designer and fly fisherman with a sense of humor as sharp as a fisherman’s wit, look no further than Craig Valadez and struc1.com. After all, he’s the one who can turn your digital dreams into a reality, with a side of laughter thrown in for good measure.

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